14 Gwyneth Paltrow Diet Tips You Have To Try

One thing is for certain. Gwyneth Paltrow is an inspiration.

We love how she acts and we love how she looks.

Another thing is for certain though. If you want to look like Gwyneth you have to be willing to put in the work.

Gwyneth Paltrow diet tips are almost as revered as her roles in movies like Iron Man and Shakespeare in Love.

She is a role model for healthy living and stunning beauty. We love how many actresses look and get motivated by their fitness successes and get motivated by their results.

But nobody does it better than Gwyn. Are you ready to follow her example and look your best every day?

We are too! We’ve put together 14 of the best tips from the Gwyneth Paltrow diet to help us all get started.

Let’s get there together. Here goes:

1. Do The Math

To look as good as Gwyn you need to do the math. It’s not hard to believe that calculations are a big part of the megastar’s success in life.

Her movies have grossed over $1 billion dollars worldwide.

But the Gwyneth Paltrow diet doesn’t require box office tallies. The equation is simple:

If you eat more you need to exercise more too. Make sure you are balancing your food intake and exercise.

No diet will work unless you are burning calories.

2. Detox and Cleanse

Detoxing means getting rid of all that buildup that unhealthy eating and living can bring to our bodies.

But detoxing and cleansing can be delicious too. Gwyn uses truffles and sweets at times to achieve a renewal of her healthy living.

Make sure you take the time to rid yourself of toxins and detox. Your body will be healthier for it.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow Diet On The Go

A diet only works if it is easy to maintain. Gwyn eats on the go and we should too!

Handrolls are a staple of the superstar’s diet. She also snacks throughout the day.

Raisins, kale juice, coconut water, almonds, and lemon juice keep her going while she is on the go.

Eating small meals throughout the day helps you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

In fact, you can grab a smoothie to drink on the go.

4. Drink a Smoothie

We love drinking delicious smoothies for weight loss. The good news is, Gwyneth Paltrow does too!

They are easy to make and easy to bring along.

Be like Gwyn and drink a smoothie packed with superfoods.

5. Get Super with Superfoods

gwyneth paltrow diet

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Gwyn isn’t just a celebrity who has starred in movies with comic book superheroes like The Avengers and Iron Man. We all know Gwyn is super too!

What’s the key to all that super power? Gwyn loves superfoods.

6. Invest in Your Health

Some critics have attacked Gwyneth because they say her diet is too unrealistic and expensive for non-celebrities to even consider following.

News stories circled in 2016 saying that Gwyneth drank a smoothie every day that cost over $200! Thankfully, news sources debunked the myth.

So how much does one of those Gwyn smoothies really cost? Some experts estimate the drink would cost about $10 to make.

Poor Gwyn! The haters really love to get on her case for being so healthy and beautiful.

But she does invest in her health. There is no question about that.

Paltrow uses healthy ingredients, makes delicious recipes, experiments with new tastes, and stays on top of the trends. She shows us that investing in your health isn’t about spending money.

Investing in your health is about focusing attention and energy.

The only way to look like Gwyn is to follow her lead. Invest in every part of your health.

Her holistic approach integrates the healing properties of nutrition with a healthy lifestyle. And she leads by example.

7. Lead By Example

The Gwyneth Paltrow diet is an inspiration. That’s why we want to know more about it.

She feeds her family healthy foods and educates the public about nutrition and lifestyle. Lead by example and you stay on track.

8. Go Light

Want to look chiseled and toned like Paltrow does in every photo shoot and public appearance? We swear she’s getting more beautiful every year.

You’re going to need to hit the weights to get there. But for women, Gwyn recommends keeping the lifting light.

9. Green Tea

Green tea is a staple for the Gwyneth Paltrow diet. It will boost your energy and promote fat burning.

You can even use matcha for a frothy green tea that’s like a cappuccino!

10. Get The Whole Picture

The Gwyneth Paltrow diet isn’t just about eating healthy to achieve a slim figure. It’s about promoting all around beauty.

Gwyn picks foods based on their impact on her skin and hair health as well. Looking beautiful means creating a healthy glow.

Make sure you are paying attention to the foods that make your whole body beautiful, not just your waistline.

11. Eat The Bad Stuff Too!

Have you heard of cheating on a diet? Paltrow has too.

She recommends eating the delicious and sinful from time to time.

Experts agree. While dieticians don’t necessarily suggest the “cheat days” we used to hear so much about, they do recommend sprinkling in some decadence here and there.

Having a cheat meal or a snack may actually help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

Beyond the psychological benefits of indulging now and again, there is scientific backing for why a cheat meal helps you lose weight.

Experts suggest the 90/10 approach to maintaining a balance between healthy eating and indulging. The reason centers around maintaining energy and the healthy protein in your fat tissue.

There is a protein produced by fat tissue called Leptin. Leptin helps to regulate fat mass and body weight.

The protein impacts appetite and the energy balance in your body. Unfortunately, constant dieting can lead to caloric deficits.

These deficits cause energy levels to decrease significantly. Occasional cheat meals help your body maintain the energy levels you need to continue exercising and dieting.

If Gwyn can cheat sometimes, we can too! Some cheating will actually boost your metabolism.

12. Supplement

Gwyn is a big believer in supplements and vitamins. She uses the healthy ingredients, vitamins, and minerals to increase energy, boost health, and achieve her overall fitness and wellness goals.

Wondering what types of supplements and vitamins Gwyn supports as part of a healthy diet plan? We have some of the biggies here:

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Recent news reports on scientific research into omega-3 fatty acids reveal many positive effects of the supplement:

“The American Heart Association recommends eating at least two servings of fish a week and considering supplements of omega-3 fatty acids when that’s not possible.”

“Previous research has linked omega-3s to a lower risk of abnormal heartbeats, fewer fats in the blood, reduced risk of artery-clogging deposits known as plaque, and slightly lower blood pressure.”

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has long been associated with healthy bones. In addition, recent research shows that the vitamin could help you ward off colds.

You will be healthier and have stronger bones as you age.


Berberine is an exciting supplement in the Gwyn Paltrow approach. The supplement has been shown to regulate insulin.

Research has been extended to consider the using the treatment of Berberine to address Type 2 Diabetes.

What does that insulin regulation mean for you and me? We will get a boost for keeping the pounds off.

Insulin is tied to weight gain and Berberine will help us stay slim like Gwyn.


This supplement has a variety of anti-stress benefits for your body and overall health. Exercise and dieting can take their toll as we age.

But this supplement can keep the effects to a minimum.


There are many supplements, vitamins, and minerals that Gwyn swears by. You will need to analyze your fitness goals, age, lifestyle, and body needs to find what is best for you.

And that’s the secret to every part of Gwyn’s plan. She stays true to herself.

13. Find What Suits You

If we follow one example from Gwyneth Paltrow it’s this: She is wholly original and unique in her approach to life and beauty.

She doesn’t just consider diet in terms of weight loss, beauty, or fitness. Her regimen is integrated into boosting energy, warding off sickness, and inspiring others.

She has been so successful by staying true to herself. Unfortunately, we can’t all be Gwyneth Paltrow, nor should we be.

You need to find what suits you. That’s the true example of this celebrity.

Make sure you tailor your approach to diet, nutrition, and lifestyle around a plan that best suits you.

Gwyn can’t do it for you so your fitness approach needs to match your goals. We aren’t all prepping for the next big role.

But we can always look and feel our very best if we stay true to ourselves. Isn’t that exactly what Gwyn has taught us to do?

14. Enjoy Your Best Life!

Too many dieters make a mistake. They approach a diet as something unique and set apart from the rest of their life.

The cheat meals become cheat days and then becoming cheat months. If you don’t watch out, your diet can become a cheat year!

Enjoying your best life means the opposite. It means enjoying nutrition and fitness as part of your approach to living.

That’s what Gwyneth Paltrow does.

Don’t just do the Gwyneth Paltrow diet. Live the Gwyneth Paltrow lifestyle.

Smile more, burn those calories, and enjoy the food you eat.

We can help. We create weight loss plans for women to live their best life starting today.

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