15 Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations To Inspire You

Lifestyles of the rich & famous: we look to them for inspiration in our decorating techniques, our fashion habits, and of course, our bodies!

We’ve already shared a few weight loss secrets coming from Hollywood: choose whole, natural foods and stick to an exercise plan that you actually enjoy doing.

But it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty: we’ve done our research on 15 celebrity weight loss transformations, and here we’ve shared their health and fitness tips so that you can be on your way to looking red-carpet ready.

15 Celebrity Weight Loss Storys

15 Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations:

Jonah Hill

Starring in War Dogs and Superbad, this celeb made a change after meeting with a nutritionist, who gave him simple yet powerful advice: eat healthier.

After gaining 40 pounds for his role in War Dogs, Hill decided to cut out beer from his diet, and also found that Japanese food was “helpful” in his new eating plan.

Hill also hired a personal trainer, and even kept a detailed food diary – and he admitted that he once accidentally sent the diary to Drake instead of his nutritionist.

Point is: Jonah Hill’s transformation began with what was going INTO his body.

Mama June Shannon

Known for being Honey Boo Boo’s mom, Mama June has dropped nearly 300 pounds, making her the star of her own show, Mama June: From Not to Hot.

She went from a size 24 to a size 4 with the help of gastric sleeve surgery and diet.

Her daughter Alana helps keep her accountable for what food is in the house. Accountability is key, and family members are great resources to help with this.

Wendy Williams

This talk show host lost more than 50 pounds over a period of roughly three years.

She attributes her weight loss to a strict diet in which she cut out refined sugars, meats, dairy, and eating before bed. Self-control was key, she said, and more effective than any diet or eating plan.

She’s also a fan of juicing, and does cardio workouts to ensure she’s heart-healthy. There’s definitely more to a healthy lifestyle than weight loss!

Rosie O’Donnell

Another success story of a female celeb dropping mega pounds.

O’Donnell topped out at 240 pounds, which she likened to being on the Green Bay Packers’ front line. She used to buy pants in a size 12, but would then stretch them to a size 20.

Now, O’Donnell is 176 pounds, crediting gastric sleeve surgery with the weight loss. She said it helped her curb cravings and end a relationship with food.

Besides the weight loss, other benefits for O’Donnell include the fact that she no longer has sleep apnea, and she has more endurance to play with her kids.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is a follower of a strict diet, and she lost nearly fifty pounds as a result.

She reaches for healthy breakfast options like blueberries and turkey bacon and goes lean for lunch with grilled chicken and salads without creamy dressings.

She exercises regularly, too, and her energy and endurance show when she’s working those moves on stage.

Her splurge? The occasional glass of wine.

Jennifer Hudson

Spokesperson for Weight Watchers from 2010-2014, Jennifer Hudson lost more than 80 pounds on the program.

She believes in portion control and removing temptations: why buy a product and keep it in the pantry if it isn’t aligned with your weight loss goals?

She doesn’t let food intimidate her and she keeps a close eye on what she’s putting into her body.

Hudson also doesn’t subscribe to a strict workout routine, but she does enjoy being active. For many, this secret is key: no one wants to be forced into an exercise routine they hate.

Find a program you like and try to exercise with workout buddies to keep you accountable.

Janet Jackson

A Nutrisystem spokesperson for six years, Jackson knows a thing or two about weight loss and healthy eating.

Jackson said it took about four months to shed her excess weight, and she was worried when she hit a plateau half-way through. But she kept pushing – even harder – and the weight began to melt off again.

She doesn’t believe in diets, rather, she subscribes to a healthier way of life: balanced meals and portion control. She also tends to eat four or five smaller meals throughout the day.

In time, Jackson lost nearly 60 pounds. Quite the difference for her small, 5-foot-4-inch frame!

Ricki Lake

Ricki Lake weighed 200 pounds at age 19 and admitted to using food to stuff away her emotional turmoil, the result of being sexually abused at a young age.

She began to make changes to her mental health through counseling, learning to a friend to herself instead of an enemy.

Lake also found success after she started utilizing the Fresh Dining program, attributing her weight loss to the food delivery service. She went from a size 24 to a size 6!

Food delivery services like this one often allow you to choose your portion sizes and desired calorie intake goals. Talk about “made to order!”

These days, Lake is an advocate for healthy eating programs for children.

Graham Elliot

Judge on MasterChef, Elliot is inundated with temptation (thanks, food industry) and yet he still managed to drop more than 120 pounds.

According to his doctor, Elliot was an ideal candidate for gastric sleeve due to his willingness to exercise and modify his diet before and after surgery.

Elliot has cut out all bread, pasta, soda and beer and relies on lean proteins like salmon and chicken. He satisfies his sweet tooth with healthy options like fruit and peanut butter.

Kirstie Alley

She shed more than 100 pounds after her stint on Dancing with the Stars.

Since then, Alley has shared more about what she didn’t eat than what she did eat. She avoided cookies, pasta, and cheese, and the discipline paid off.

She also tries to “volumize” meals, meaning that she adds low-fat or no-fat “volume” (like lettuce) to trick her brain into thinking that she’s eating more than she really is.

She also tried out Jenny Craig, losing more than 50 pounds on the program, and Alley tries to be active at least three times a week.

Holly Madison

Best known for starring in Girl Next Door, Madison found weight loss success by utilizing a combination of pilates, yoga, and a low-carb diet.

Madison opted for lean meats like grilled chicken, and heart-healthy fats like avocado. She also used the weight loss supplement NV to assist in reaching and maintaining her goal weight.

After giving birth, Madison dropped her calorie intake to 1,100 calories and began wearing a corset around-the-clock. Only six weeks after the birth of her baby, she was back in a bikini on the front of Life & Style magazine.

Alec Baldwin

Baldwin made some serious changes when he was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. He gave up refined and processed sugars, and also took up pilates and spinning classes.

Countless studies show that added sugar intake may cause cardiovascular concerns (in addition to unnecessary weight gain.)

It’s clear that cutting back on the donuts and iced cookies can have a positive impact as it did for Baldwin. Baldwin lost 30 pounds and got his blood sugar under control.

Mariah Carey

Like many of us, Carey put on extra pounds during pregnancy – and she lost more than 70 pounds after her twins were born.

She hired a nutritionist and began following the Jenny Craig system. Within a matter of months, Carey was able to shed the extra weight. She feels that diet is 90% of weight loss.

Carey is a fan of low-calorie soups, exercising with her pups, and doing workouts on – and in! – the beach.

Carey also now works with the American Heart Association, educating fellow Americans about the heart disease risks posed by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Al Roker

Roker, arguably one of the most well-known gastric bypass success stories, lost more than 100 pounds following his surgery. He even wrote about his journey several years ago in a best-selling book.

But the work didn’t stop there: he also credits healthy eating, exercise, and a happy marriage with his new, healthier lifestyle.

After his surgery, Roker still feels the need to re-align with his own goals. Several years ago, fearing he may be losing sight of his healthy lifestyle, he went on a 28-day detox and cut out caffeine, sugar, dairy, alcohol, and gluten. By the end of the detox, he’d lost nearly 30 pounds.

Zach Galifianakis

Galifianakis, best known for his role in The Hangover, is almost unrecognizable following his weight loss.

He credits several habits, including cutting back on alcohol, eating healthier, and walking more frequently. In fact, he lost almost 50 pounds after cutting out alcohol.

His party habits nowadays are certainly different than that of his character on The Hangover!

Your red-carpet weight loss

It’s clear that celebs follow a variety of tips and tricks to achieve their weight loss goals, including healthier eating, a more active lifestyle, the occasional detox cleanse, and working with nutritionists and personal trainers.

But any one of these can have a positive impact on your own weight loss journey. Consider which diet plans may best suit you, and consider incorporating your own proven fast-busters like cinnamon.

Before you know it, you’ll be looking your own version of red-carpet-ready!

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