Christina Aguilera Weight Loss Plan After Giving Birth

chrisitina-auguilera-weightMany women who have been giving birth must want to get their slim body back. There are several ways of diet to achieve that purpose. To choose the best diet after giving birth sometimes can be very risky. Some of the women might get impatient with their weight loss plan result. For you who wants to get quite a quick weight loss, you can try weigh loss plan from a singer, Christina Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera only need about two weeks to get her slim body back and it is happen not long after she given birth to her child. Normally, a woman will lose about 10 pounds with a right diet and it is considered as a good result. However, somehow Christina Aguilera can lose at least about 30 pounds which surprise many people. So, what exactly she has done to successfully come back with a great and slim body after pregnancy?

Here are the secret for Christina Aguilera Weight Loss Plan

  1. Limiting alcohol consumption. It makes sense because alcohol indeed has bad effects on human body. Even for a man or non pregnant woman, it is better to avoid drinking alcohol.
  2. Controlling daily food consumption. Six days every week she eats 3 meals and two snacks. Of course, the foods have been counted its calorie and amount to suit the need of a body. She consumed about 1600-1800 calorie each day. Some of her healthy foods including breast chicken, fish curry, avocado, blueberry and others. She also follows low carb diets. Low carb diets promote rapid weight loss without hunger by forcing the body to burn fat fuel, said Dr. Jeff Volek, author of the Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living (Chang, 2013).
  3. Keep breast feeding. It is one of the simplest way for a mother to lose weight. That’s why many doctor advice mothers to give their baby milk for maximum two years. If a remarkable singer like Christina Aguilera happily breast feeding her baby, you should not be shame or thinking that it wastes of time as it naturally help your weight loss plan.
  4. Yoga has been a popular since several years ago. Yoga as well as meditation can help ease the mind. Combining yoga plus meditation, she can reduce her stress and feel less hungry. She also completes her weight loss plan with some exercises with the help of her trainer.
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Christina Aguilera Weight Loss Plan
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