The Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Secrets You Need To Know

You may know her from The Osbournes or as the co-host of E!’s Fashion Police, but Kelly Osbourne has also made a huge impression on the weight loss industry.

Growing up in the spotlight, Kelly was hounded by the press about her weight. This contributed to drug and alcohol abuse — and eventually three stints in rehab.

But when she signed up for Dancing With The Stars in 2009, the Kelly Osbourne weight loss journey began.

It was here that she lost 20 pounds, learned the importance of nutrition and decided to keep going.

She eventually lost an additional 30 pounds for a total of 50 (that’s five dress sizes!) and maintains that weight today.

So what’s her secret?

The Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Secrets

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Recognizing The Primary Issue

When Kelly came out of rehab for drug and alcohol addiction in early 2009, she was determined to stay clean.

However, the constant headlines from the press about her weight continued to haunt her.

She began to replace the drugs and alcohol with food, which led her to pack on even more pounds.

But when she signed up for Dancing with the Stars that same year, she received more than just a dance lesson.

Kelly’s dance partner, Louis van Amstel, would teach her dance moves and how important her diet was to her well-being.

During rehearsal, Kelly noticed she would get sick and feel tired. Van Amstel explained to her it was because she was eating so many fried foods.

With her partner’s coaching, Kelly started on a high-protein, low-carb diet.

She soon began losing weight, feeling better and had more energy.

Kelly and van Amstel even placed third on Dancing with the Stars.

During the show, she was able to see the direct effects and benefits of diet and exercise.

But when DWTS ended, the weight slowly started to come back, pound by pound.

Once she noticed a few extra pounds on the scale, she told her mom — her inspiration.

Kelly, her mom, and a trainer began working out together, and within a month Kelly wanted back in the gym — something she never thought would be in her character.

Clean Eating

Kelly knew she had to make major changes to her diet, but she was also aware if she went too far, she wasn’t going to succeed with sticking to her weight loss goals.

That’s one of the reasons you won’t find diet foods as part of the Kelly Osbourne weight loss plan.

They don’t make her feel full — in fact, they don’t make her feel well at all.

Instead, she turned to foods that she wanted to eat that were healthy. This made it easier for her to continue eating well while not falling too far off track.

And when it came to choosing healthy foods, the Kelly Osbourne weight loss plan included a simple diet based around protein.

An example of a typical day’s meal for Kelly would be:

Breakfast: Egg omelet with vegetables.

Lunch: Salad or turkey burger.

Dinner: Brown rice, vegetables, and a protein.

But with such a drastic change in her diet, Kelly knew she had to find a way to have a break once in a while.

Cheating is OK

Kelly knows the importance of “cheat days,” as well as not being perfect.

Because she knew being hungry was going to be inevitable along her weight loss journey, she planned ahead of time.

For example, if she woke up one morning and couldn’t stop her cravings for a pizza, she’d have it for breakfast.

But she didn’t let this throw her off her diet for the rest of the day.

Instead, she dug into the Kelly Osbourne weight loss diet plan and ate a salad for lunch and oatmeal for dinner in order to level out the calories for the rest of the day.

And if she did go off her diet for the rest of the day?

She didn’t beat herself up over it.

Kelly knew there were going to be bad days, but the next day she resumed her diet and got right back on track.

Three Key Elements

Three key elements were put into action to spur the Kelly Osbourne weight loss you see today:

1. She started eating breakfast every day.

You may think by skipping breakfast, you’re saving calories for the rest of the day. But think again.

Most people who forgo breakfast actually end up being hungrier throughout the day and consume more calories than those who eat a balanced breakfast — meaning protein and whole grains, not fat (like a sugary doughnut).

So if you’re looking to follow the Kelly Osbourne weight loss plan, opt for a breakfast made of an omelet with egg whites and vegetables such as spinach and mushrooms — a favorite of the celebrity.

2. She stopped drinking soda and started drinking water.

When Kelly traded soda for water, she boosted her health and her body’s ability to lose weight at the same time.

Whether you have a full-flavored drink, opt for diet soda or go for a Coke Zero, drinking soda increases your body’s cravings for sugar.

Yes, even diet sodas.

The sweet taste of a diet soda tricks our bodies into believing the sugar is coming, so when the body is prepared for sugar and it’s not delivered, it creates an addictive state in your body.

This causes you to not only crave more soda, but more sugary foods as well.

And that means more weight gain.

So when Kelly swapped soda for water, the hunger for sugary sodas tapered off and she replaced it with healthy hydration for her body — which made her feel better as well.

3. She always has a snack at night.

This isn’t the late-night, fridge-raiding, food-binging snack you may be thinking of.

Although eating heavily right before you go to bed can cause you to gain weight, going to bed starving isn’t going to help you, either.

If your stomach is rumbling because you ate dinner early or had a late intense workout, take a tip from the Kelly Osbourne weight loss secrets and grab a low-calorie snack that will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Some snacks you might find Kelly reaching for in the evening may include:

  • String cheese
  • Cereal (make sure it’s whole grain — and stay away from the sugary cereals!)
  • Nonfat Greek yogurt
  • White meat turkey (the tryptophan makes you tired — think back to Thanksgiving!)
  • Apples with peanut butter
  • Nonfat chocolate pudding
  • Baby carrots
  • Bananas

Keeping Up With Working Out

The Kelly Osbourne weight loss plan has two major components: diet and exercise.

And staying consistent with exercising 30 minutes every day has been key to her success.

She makes sure to mix up her routines with cardio and includes pilates, yoga, the treadmill or circuit training with each session.

One routine that helped her shed the pounds was the Hoopnotica hula hoop.

This weighted hoop makes exercise fun and helped Kelly workout not only her abs and core, but her arms as well.

Mixing up her routines and making them fun helped Kelly stick to a regular workout schedule.

Kelly Gets Her Friends To Join In

Another way Kelly stayed on track with her workouts is by not exercising alone.

She started a new type of exercise — plyometrics — and invited her friends to join in on the fun.

Plyometrics may remind you of recess, when you got your exercise from the playground. It’s training your muscles by jumping — through squats, hops on one leg or over obstacles.

Even though this is a high-intensity workout, when you do these exercises with other people like Kelly did, you look forward to the routine and it makes it more fun.

Started Loving Herself

Although the cornerstone of Kelly’s success came from diet and exercise, she also had to change what she saw in the mirror in order to complete her weight loss goals.

Instead of fighting with the reflection she saw, she made it into a game in order to make it a better experience.

She began dressing up and putting on makeup when she went to go to the gym so she felt better about herself.

And in time, she began getting excited to workout because she felt better about herself.

She also understands comparing herself to other celebrities is a waste of time, and she’s happy with who she is as a person.

Maintaining these realistic goals has helped her keep the weight off to this day.

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Secrets

Kelly Osbourne’s success has stayed with her, in part, because she learned the right way to eat and the importance of exercise.

Today, she maintains her weight by sticking to her diet and allowing herself treats every now and then.

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